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Vegan Diet versus Being a Vegan



Is there a difference between eating a vegan diet (a diet that excludes animal flesh and animal byproducts such as eggs and dairy) and calling yourself “A Vegan”…

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling yourself a vegan.  What I have experienced from SOME people, however, within the vegan community is a dash of elitism, and an “all or nothing” attitude.  I know some people do feel “all or nothing” about this topic.  They only eat vegan food, wear vegan clothing and some folks won’t associate with people who don’t share their views.  Part of me understands those feelings but does that mean I throw out my car with leather seats because I bought it before I learned about animal welfare?  No.  That would be wasteful and takes away from a lot of the things I’m trying to accomplish with a plant based diet….not just healthy eating but also being more earth friendly.  To me, that also means not being wasteful.  But I digress.

It is my opinion that the label “Vegan” has developed a slightly negative connotation.  And frankly, I’m tired of all the labeling going on.  How about we just decide not to eat it or wear it and stop worrying about fitting into a particular box?

The goal for my diet is to eat plant based foods, all the time.  But, a good example: one of my coworkers recently brought in a really yummy looking cake that wouldn’t classify as vegan because it was made with an egg and perhaps dairy too.  And I had a piece.  Does that mean I’m not a vegan?  Perhaps.  Does that mean I should throw in the towel and quit pursuing my goal…heck no.  If we all quit our diets after a little “cheat”, where would we get?  Where would any of us be if we crapped out on our goals because we veered off track?

Folks, the answer is to always pursue the goal.  Give yourself some room for imperfections.  Stop worrying about labels.  Some days everyone falls short of their goals but everyday, we need to do our best.  Some days our “best” is spot on.  And some days our best includes a piece of cake.

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1-Minute Wednesday: FDA and Just Mayo

Seems that the FDA is the playground bully.

Big fat FDA has to pick on the little guy because the FDA’s BFF, aka Unilever’s feelings are hurt…because “Just Mayo,” the new kid on the block is getting too popular! Boo hoo!  What does the FDA actually do anyway?  Cuz I really don’t know.

Going Vegan: Kim Attempts to Cook!

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