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What Is Groupon and How Do You Use It?


With the holidays approaching, I always stress out about finding unique gifts for my loved ones that they will truly enjoy and that I can AFFORD! Often a difficult combination especially for people who already seem to have everything (at least everything within my price range).

So I have turned to Groupon for some awesome, affordable ideas. Groupon is a global marketplace that connects local merchants with it’s subscribers (no charge for subscriptions)

You have to read the fine print:

  • It might only be redeemable on certain dates
  • You may see new customers only
  • Subject to availability – as the expiration date approaches on a deal, it may be more difficult to get an appointment, say for the manicure.
  • Finally, sometimes the deals aren’t really deals at all. Be sure to visit the website of any company before purchasing through Groupon. Companies may be advertising a sale price through Groupon while they have an even better deal through their website.

Hopefully I haven’t scared you away from Groupon because most deals are pretty straightforward and without a bunch of tricky fine print. Overall, it’s an excellent place to get your loved ones a gift that they may not otherwise treat themselves to at a great price.

Watch video to learn more about how to create a deal for businesses.

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