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Unilever: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


https://youtu.be/OS15wm91-qU One of my subscribers showed a video to me, made by Unilever, titled Farewell to the Forest….thanks Master Binx for showing me this video, which is very touching, I nearly cried and it includes very sad music, all to tug on your heart strings. Unilever is touting their Sustainable Living Plan. Well, Unilever is not on my “nice” list because they were recently picking on my favorite little guys, Just Mayo. Check out my video, Just Mayo vs. the FDA for more about that. I don’t trust Unilever and I’m going to explain what to look for in just a minute. Read more

Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media

Some of you may have heard that Rupert Murdoch, media mogul who owns 21st Century Fox and much more, with a net worth over 10 billion dollars, recently purchased the National Geographic magazine. The truth is that 6 giant corporations own 90% of our media. Check out the infographic in my video which spells it out for us and this is just scratching the surface. Read more