8 Common E-Mail Mistakes: Don’t Make Them

E-Mail Etiquette: Writing E-mails

Subject Line: DUH! You better have one and it better be clear or I’m not reading your e-mail. Clear and concise and one topic.

Nobody wants to read a novel so keep it short. I personally tend to be a bit wordy so once I type an e-mail, especially if it’s going to several people or a little more formal communication, I’ll re-read it and ask myself if each word is really necessary or how can I make that sentence more concise without losing the meaning.

Keep your font size and color basic for work. Don’t add one of the “cutesy” stationary options for your e-mails. Using stationary actually causes your e-mail to take up more memory because the cutesy background is data that has to get sent over the wire. Skip it!

Reply All: Do not reply all unless the response is relevant to ALL. I can not stand it when I get stuck in a reply all loop, 25, 50 emails rolling in, most of which are from 2 or 3 culprits having what amounts to a side conversation.

Use a signature line for all e-mails…new e-mails, replies and forwards. Your reply and forward signature can be a pared down version of the “new e-mail” signature but nobody wants to hunt around for your phone number which was the first e-mail in a thread of 30. You can and should also set up in a signature for your phone e-mail. Most e-mails coming from phones have a signature that says something like, “Coming from Google Android Galaxy 16 Blah Blah”…nobody cares!

Get the correct recipient: who has ever sent the wrong e-mail to the wrong person? I’ve done it and it sucks every time even when it’s nothing noteworthy. As a rule, I don’t even put the recipient’s name in the e-mail until I’ve written the e-mail and it’s ready to go. That way I can’t accidentally hit send before I’m done writing or editing an e-mail. I’ve prepared scathing e-mails for people and turned around and deleted every word for obvious reasons but accidentally hitting send would just be a nightmare!

Grammar: Use whole words and complete sentences and proper punctuation. Don’t get flowery and drone on, using 16 exclamation points because you are very very happy or very very pissed off. Proof read your e-mails even if it’s a quick skim.

Finally, Somebody once told me, and I think about this often, assume that if you write it that it’s now public information. You just never know if that person to whom you sent a confidential e-mail may find it funny and forward it to their friend and then it’s a free for all. The next thing you know, you are terribly embarrassed or humiliated or worse, one of your coworkers is embarrassed or humiliated.

7 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

When I switched jobs, my commute went from 4 miles to 20 each way and in an effort to avoid traffic, my start time is 7am when it used to be 8am. Ouch! I needed to simplify my morning routine so here’s a few things I did:

1. Do as much as you can the night before This one is rather obvious, pick out what you are going to wear, pack your lunch, etc.

2. Get out of the snooze habit

I’ve wasted hours that probably amount to days hitting the snooze button and rarely do I ever feel more rested after doing so. I try to keep my snoozes to about 2 times. I try to take that time getitng used to the harsh reality of getting up but also working on #3…

3. Spend 5 minutes thinking through your morning

I find my morning much easier if I spend a couple minutes running through my to-do list, reminding myself what I’m going to wear, couple things I want to knock out first thing when I get to work. Usually after that 5 minutes, I feel just anxious enough to hit the ground runnin!

4. Set time limits per task

I actually try to race myself some days, almost like a competition. 10 minutes for shower, 10 minutes for hair, 10 minutes for make up….whatever your timeframe is, set it and try to stick to it. This at least lets you know if you are on or off track!

5. Organize everything you need for getting ready in the morning. My face lotion was in one cabinet, deodorant was in a different place. Finally I put it in one area.

6. Pare down your wardrobe. Get a signature look for yourself and wear it! This one isn’t just about morning routines but about lifestyle changes. I read an article about how some really successful women, Vera Wang, Hillary Clinton, Ellen Degeneres all have a look that they pretty much stick to. This avoids the stress of “what am I going to wear.”

7. No internet or e-mail until you are ready. In fact, set small goals for being ready early such as grabbing a cup of coffee from your favorite shop