How to Impress Your Boss: 6 Awesome Tips


6 Ways To Impress Your New Manager

Having a new boss can be intimidating whether you liked your old boss or not. Sometimes it’s more comfortable when you know what you got rather than the unknown. But hopefully in this case, it will create fresh opportunities.

Get feedback on how they like to do things. Email, weekly meetings, reports, etc. Might find yourself being asked to share more info than you have in the past. Don’t be defensive about that.

Your boss is the customer. Customer’s aren’t always right but generally whether dealing with a customer or your boss, you want to find a gentler way of putting what you see as a potential pitfall. Perhaps your boss is new to their position but you’ve been there for years. Position your comments such as, “based on my experience, when working with so-and-so, I’ve found this approach works best.” Try to position yourself as a trusted inside adviser, there to help them succeed.

Be on your best behavior. You are being evaluated. Don’t goof around, dress for success.

Exercise the 70/30 rule. 70% of the time, ask questions, 30% of the time provide feedback. Show curiosity in them, their past, their ideas.

If they come in and want to change how things are being handled, a particular procedure, whatever. Scrap the negativity or the “we’ve always done it this way” attitude or comments. Bosses are flawed humans like you and me and they too are in a new position and may want to make a splash, trying to impress their boss by showing how their insight can lead to improved efficiencies, greater sales, etc. If they have new ideas, ask questions, take notes, be receptive. If you have a couple of concerns, express those delicately but don’t get hung up on things like, “that’s never gonna work cuz…” Try their way and if it works, everybody wins. If it doesn’t, then it’s kind of on them.

Finally, be yourself. Be your best self but don’t be a suck up. Don’t brag about yourself. Perhaps offer any assistance by letting them know, hey, I sit right over there if you need any help as you get yourself situated and then get yourself to work. The old adage, actions speak louder than words. Work, work, work.

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