Inspirations come from all areas if you are looking for it!

Whether you visit for personal development or just to have a laugh, the goal here is to help people impact positive change for themselves, their families, their communities….with any luck at all, collectively, we’ll change the world for the better.   Seem like an insurmountable task?  If each of us takes one small step in the right direction, personally helps one person, spend our money in responsible ways with responsible companies, change will inevitably occur.  Improvement.  I hope my website is one of the tiny steps in the right direction.

Every year that passed by, an ache in my stomach continued to grow, asking is this it?  Living day to day, waiting for the weekends…fabricating to do lists to feel busy, to feel active but without the passion and mission.  Earning paychecks to buy more stuff?  Feels empty.  So perhaps this website is a bit self-indulgent and self-serving…I hope to make a contribution by offering insights I have through my education or life experiences.  I want to promote responsible consumerism.  I want to promote living and laughing…hopefully we can replace our “stuff”, the latest gadget, fancy cars and trendy clothing with life experiences and laughter.

Where I find Inspiration:


I Am, documentary from the acclaimed director Tomy Shadyac

Ethos, documentary